BritizenCon 2019
27 April 2019
Museum of Science and Industry, Manchester

BritizenCon 2019 - A Retrospective

Museum of Science and Industry

Museum of Science and Industry

It was a rainy Saturday morning in Manchester as over 100 people queued up to enter BritizenCon 2019, our fourth event. Having spent three years at the Radisson Blue in Manchester Airport, it was time for a new venue. This time it’s the Museum of Science and Industry in the city centre.

Brewhouse and Kitchen, Wilmslow

Brewhouse and Kitchen, Wilmslow

The night before, many of these budding pilots and explorers had descended upon the Brewhouse & Kitchen in Wilmslow to meet with CIG staff as they left the office for a few after-work drinks in the first of BritizenCon’s, now traditional, two BarCitizens. The BritizenCon organisers joined them for a drink or two but snuck off early to their beds – it was going to be a long day tomorrow.

At 7am two vans parked up outside the venue, followed by a third a short time later. Breakfasts were quickly demolished and what seemed like thousands of boxes were piled into the service lift over the course of the morning to get the venue ready for guests. The set up was not without its difficulties and we started letting people in a few minutes late. But then it wouldn’t really be a BritizenCon if everything ran to time, would it?!

SpecialEffect Logo

SpecialEffect: The Gamers’ Charity

On entering the venue, the attendees were greeted with the, now well known, sight of the reception desk from Port Olisar, lovingly brought to life by JR Design & Fabrication. After taking the option to buy raffle tickets, the top prize once again being a 6’x4′ signed concept art canvas print donated by CIG, attendees turned the corner to be greeted by the smiling faces of Baz and Ali from SpecialEffect! SpecialEffect is a wonderful charity that helps disabled gamers to better experience the games they want to play, regardless of their disabilities. We were delighted that they were able to join us for a second year.

JR Design & Fabrication

JR Design & Fabrication

Next stop in what we called the Competition Hall (a name whose origin will become readily apparent soon) was the stand of JR Design & Fabrication. Our VIP ticket holders would have stopped off here to collect their exclusive 3D printed Freelancer Max models. They also had their new Greycat Buggy model kits on sale.

If at this point you were to face the centre of the Competition Hall, you would have seen on your left the PCs for our Dogfighting Competition (See? Now you know where the name came from!). Sixteen pilots fearlessly duked it out to see who would be crowned this year’s BritizenCon Dogfighting Champion!

UK Dogfighting Championship trophy

And on the right of the hall we had our streamers! Our heroic heroes, Mac and Myz, with great vigilance, valiantly streamed throughout day, only occasionally to be heard muttering something about tech issues! We were also delighted to be joined, for the first time, by French streamers from Pulsar42. We hope that this will be the start of an ongoing connection between ourselves and our European counterparts for the benefit of the Star Citizen fan community as a whole.

Walking on to the end of the Competition Hall and through the left hand door, you would enter the aptly named Bar Room containing possibly the most important aspect of any BritizenCon: the bar! Our friends from the Republic of Lorell were set up here and were joined by our new exhibitor for this year: Chris Harrow and his Xi’an Workshop. We also had our Wing Commander consoles set up in the corner of the room, which provided attendees with entertainment through the entire day.

Myre – Our MC

The final room on your little tour is the Main Hall. Events in here began at 1pm with a welcome address in a classic, improvised style from Chris, our Chief Organiser. Myre then took over for the main event, the four panels of the day. These panels were all filmed and you will find those videos in the Panels section below when they are ready (soon™).

As the day drew to a close, Azzuzu was crowned Dogfighting Champion, raffle prizes were drawn (including prizes from CIG, JRDF, SpecialEffect, and Moose Juice!), and we ended the event with some heartfelt words from Brian Chambers.

And then it was off to Lock 91 for BritizenCon’s second BarCitizen where attendees were joined a couple of hours later by some very tired organisers and volunteers.

Lock 91


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BritizenCon 2019 T-shirt

BritizenCon 2019 T-shirt

BritizenCon 2019 Woman's T-shirt

BritizenCon 2019 Woman’s T-shirt

BritizenCon 2019 Hoodie

BritizenCon 2019 Hoodie

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BritizenCon 2019 No Zip Hoodie

Moose Juice!

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Dev Panel 1 - Challenges and Hurdles

Derek Senior

Programming Director

Brian Chambers

Development Director

Tim Welch

Studio Manager, Wilmslow Office

David Gill

Principal UI Programmer

JR Design & Fabrication Panel

JR Design & Fabrication

Dev Panel 2 - Design and Inspiration

Luke Pressley

Lead Designer

Cory Bamford

Senior Props Artist

Luan Vetoreti

Environment Artist

SpecialEffect Panel

SpecialEffect Logo